A special gift connects two hearts - the one gifting and the one receiving.

We give thought to gifting but it’s your heart we follow when it comes to curating that special gift.

The perfect gift lasts a lifetime; at times not physically but in memory. People cherish certain gifts that were special to them. Present a child a toy and if he sees it when he is older, it reminds him of his happy childhood. These gifts remind us the memory of a certain time. They remind us of the love of the person who gave it to us.

We remember special gifts because they are presented with love and care.


GIVING is about making a difference. A gift of a warm smile brings a positive vibe. A gift of your attention makes people feel validated, loved and valued. The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value. The perfect gift answers where language struggles.

We want to be the extended arm of your kind thoughts, your good intentions and the want to create memorable moments for another person. Sensitive to your needs, we endeavor to select every item, every package and every experience meticulously to suit your vision, theme and budget.

Favourite Gift Sets

For quick and hassle-free gifting, we have readily customized gifts available. Take a pick from our many well-thought and uniquely packaged gifts.

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Special Collaboration

Our connection is your collection. Select from gift packages curated from our collaborations with celebrities and well-established brands.

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Gift Concierge Service

Looking for dedicated service for your gifting experience? Our concierge service includes anything from customized gift boxes to getaways or dinner arrangements.

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